Why Live in Boise, Idaho?

Are you looking to move to Idaho? If so, I believe you are making a great decision, and you should consider looking at living in the Boise metro area for your residence. There are a number of good reasons for this, such as the cost of living, entertainment/attractions, raising a family, relatively low crime rates, etc.

Low cost of living

Living in Boise, Idaho is less costly that in other cities, sometimes significantly so; the cost of living index rates Boise at 96.4%, which makes it lower than average. The cost of becoming a home owner in Boise is much lower than other states, with the average cost being under $400,000, unlike Southern California where a home half the size can cost over a half million dollars!

According to World Population Review, the cost of living in Idaho is rated 19th in the nation, whereas states like Washington and Oregon are rated 38th and 47th, meaning that if you are considering a move to Boise from one of those states you will be able to save more money because of a lower cost of living.

Outdoor Activities

Living in Boise, Idaho offers you and your family many fun activities. The Boise River Greenbelt is a 25-mile long trail running the length of the town. If you go southeast 10 miles to Lucky Peak Reservoir, you can cool down with a swim or go boating. Given how long this trail is, a bike is recommended; but if you do not own one, you can rent a bike downtown at Boise Green Bikes.

The animal lover might find Zoo Boise attractive. This zoo is home to many animals from multiple continents which includes lions, zebras, hyenas, snakes, and much, much more. Many events can take place here such as birthday parties or weddings. Admission cost is low, with Thursdays being discounted down to $8 at most.

If you or any of your family are rock climbers, then you just might want to explore Boise’s Black Cliffs, located 20 minutes from downtown. The many routes are rated 5.7-5.11lb., meaning there is a climb for everyone. The Mountain Project will give you a description of the climbing routes, and you can go to Idaho Mountain Guides for leadership to ensure you have a great rock-climbing experience.

Bogus Basin ski resort is just a half hour or so away for all the snow skiing and snowboarders. Hiking, biking, hunting, fishing, camping…the list of things to do outdoors is endless and right in our backyard.



Indoor Activities

While you’re looking at Boise real estate, look at what there is to do indoors, especially when you can’t do anything outside. The Aquarium of Boise is a great attraction with over 250 species of animals and marine life, as well as 10 exhibits. Birthday parties and other events like a graduation can be held there.

If you or someone in your family enjoys art, then the Boise Art Museum would probably be a good choice. Art classes are offered here for all ages, and school tours are offered. The Museum offers many art pieces, and it can be rented for parties, dinners, and weddings.

A third attraction of Boise would be the Discovery Center of Idaho. This is a science museum where kids and adults can conduct science experiments as well as learn more about math and science through their many exhibits. Admission is not a problem given that prices range from $18 for adults with annual memberships available.

And finally, the relatively new addition to downtown is JUMP (which stands for Jack’s Urban Meeting Place and is named after Idaho’s hometown hero and resident billionaire, Jack Simplot.) JUMP is very kid friendly with lots of activities, workshops, maker studios, and more!


Boise, Idaho is a city where you can be safe; in 2017 MSN rated Boise as the eighth safest city in which to live. This is despite having a high urban population. Violent crime and property crime are both under the US average. U.S. News rates Idaho as the fifth safest state in which to live. Downtown Boise in particular is alive with nightlife (restaurants, theaters, bars, and more) and safe to explore on both weeknights and weekends too.


Education is always something parents are going to consider when moving anywhere because you as a parent are going to want to make sure your children are well educated so they can have the opportunity to pursue the career of their choice. The Washington Post lists several high schools as among the most challenging. Also, when your children begin considering going to college for an undergraduate college degree, Idaho State University grants more than any other university in the state. And don’t forget about Boise State University, right in the heart of downtown.

Raising Your Family in Boise

Finally, for these reasons as well as others, moving to and raising your family in Boise, Idaho is an excellent decision. The cost of living is less than in many other states, which means you will have more money for the benefit of your family. The safety of your family will not be as much of a concern as in other cities of comparable size. All of the available outdoor and indoor attractions mean that whenever your family wants to do something away from home there will be plenty of options; this can certainly help parents to expand the interest of their children, helping to prevent them from being on a screen from morning until bed time. Finally, with the schools in Boise as well as top notch secondary educational choices, your children will have good education available.

If you are considering Boise as a place to live, we would love to show you around. Fill out the form located here: Contact Us and we will reach out with additional information.



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