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Ready to Ski? Bogus Basin is Just Up the Mountain!

Living in Idaho definitely has its benefits. One of them is four distinct seasons. We actually have a winter, spring, summer, and fall. Since it is currently winter here in the Gem State, I thought I would give a little shout out to our local ski mountain, Bogus Basin.

There’s just something about flying down a mountain at top speeds that is so...relaxing. I know, that probably sounds kinda weird, but trust me, snow skiing is like meditation for your senses and your body.

Opening to the public in December of 1942, Bogus Basin was an immediate hit. Locals of all ages would trudge up the mountain so they could fly back down. The first chairlift would be installed in 1959, much to the delight of everyone.

Legend has it that Bogus Basin got its name during the 19th-century gold rush. Crooks would hide up in the mountains, making bogus gold dust to sell to unsuspecting victims.

According to Wikipedia, “Bogus Basin has 2,600 acres (4.1 sq mi; 10.5 km2) of mixed runs, bowls, and glades, with 900 acres (3.6 km2) groomed. The lift-served vertical drop is 1,790 ft (546 m) on the east-facing ‘back side,’ with a summit elevation of 7,582 ft (2,311 m) above sea level at the top of Shafer Butte, the highest point of the Boise Ridge mountains. This back side of Shafer Butte was opened in January 1977, following the installation of Pine Creek (#6), a double chairlift, the previous summer. A fixed-grip double for 23 seasons, it became a high-speed quad in the summer of 1999.”


The Bogus Basin website lists a variety of activities for people of all ages and skill levels. In the winter there is skiing, snowshoeing, tubing, a mountain coaster and more. 

Even the summer is filled with fun, with hiking, scenic chairlift rides, mountain biking, horseback riding and more. It really is an outdoorsman’s dream.

If you are into camping, there are plenty of sites to choose from (my favorite being Shafer Butte!).

Tickets for skiing are billed based on age and time, but an adult day pass is going to run you about $69 (not including any equipment rentals if needed) and teens aged 13-17 will pay about $49. Kids from 7-12 pay just $27. For current pricing, visit their website.

How to Get There

From downtown Boise, head up Harrison Blvd and once you cross Hill Rd, it becomes Bogus Basin Rd. Follow that up the mountain until you reach the resort. Plan on about a 45-minute drive, or possibly longer depending on traffic and weather conditions.

Driving Directions


See You at the Top!

If you are planning on making a move to Idaho or the Boise area, then Bogus Basin is a “must do” for you and your family. If you do visit and want a tour of the area and Bogus, please give me a shout. I would love to show you around, buy you dinner, and hit the slopes too!



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