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Why Pay for an Average Selling Experience When You Deserve an Exceptional One?

When you do business with Real Estate with Tazz, you get more out of your real estate experience, because we believe our clients deserve more than what every “bare minimum” Realtor does.

If there is one thing I can’t stand, it is seeing sellers pay Realtors a premium for half ass work. I truly believe that when you use our brokerage services and employ us as your Realtor, we need to be worth your while and we truly EARN every bit of your business.

The reason I am so adamant about the attention to detail in my clients’ experience and the presentation of their home on market, is because I remember when I lost my first listing to a “seasoned” agent.

I took it so personally. According to my friends who were also the sellers of this proper-ty, I was “inexperienced” because the realtor they chose sold 20 homes in a year and I was only at 5 my first year.
Well, 3 months after they went with another agent, their home was for sale. They asked me why their home wasn’t selling in a seller’s market. They asked me for advice and due to ethical guidelines I couldn’t give my professional advice. 
BUT, when I did take the time to evaluate the listing, this is what I found:
  • crappy listing pictures
  • clutter everywhere
  • poor home write-up
  • priced too high
  • incorrect data
  • no additional marketing outside the MLS
The list of poor quality work was endless and being a former student athlete and highly competitive, I made a promise to myself that when people chose me to list their home, they were going to get a product, service, and experience, that NO BARE MINIMUM REALTOR could compete with.

I swore to myself that I would create a unique, one of a kind listing process that was going to create a product (product being a seller’s home) that allows my clients the opportunity to sell faster, for more money, and with more exposure than every other brokerage in Idaho.
That’s when I decided to create the Real Estate with Tazz brokerage and brand. We are a data driven, niche brokerage designed to maximize your client experience when selling your home because you have chosen a trusted, reputable brand and advisory team that gives your RESULTS when handling the sale of your real estate. Having been a part of over $40,000,000 in real estate transactions in just 4 years, we have created a unique brand and process that is recognized and attempted to be copied throughout the Treasure Valley.

A successful listing is all in the details and in a 2020 world, the three major areas of focus when coming to market are Pricing, Presentation, and Marketing. With over 60,000+ followers online with social media, experienced in Google ads, Facebook ad campaigns, website creation and internet marketing, we can leverage more platforms than just the traditional MLS to ensure your home gets maximum exposure and multi-ple offers on your selling terms.
With our thoroughly vetted list of preferred vendors, we allow our clients to quickly and easily get contractor bids, repair services, moving estimates, and more, all at no additional cost.

And because we believe that, when you hire US you get a team of support vs. just ONE Realtor. This allows us to schedule and coordinate all work on your behalf so you can live your life stress-free, without the hassle of researching, coordinating, and con-ducting ALL the moving parts that need to happen before you list your home

Here are just a few of the standard items I include with listing and marketing your home for maximum value…

  • Pre-Listing Warranty and Home Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Staging
  • Custom Photography
  • Cinematic Listing Video
  • 3D Tours
  • Facebook Live Open House
  • Personalized Home Website
  • Weekly Market Data
  • Weekly Metrics of Online Exposure
  • Listing Implementation Plan
  • Access to Property Management
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Google Ads
  • Best in Class Lenders
  • Open House Experience
  • Pre-listing Checklist
  • Support Team
  • Personal Network of Over 350 Agents in the Treasure Valley
  • Exclusive Vendor List
  • Return on Investment Guide
  • Educational Resources
  • Experience
  • Local Businesses Advertising Partnership
  • Moving Services
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