I moved to Idaho in 2008 on a full ride softball scholarship to play at Boise state. I fell in love with the city, the quality of life, and most importantly, the people. Most of my friends would say that I am very honest (to the point of being blunt), charismatic, and observant. My family would tell you I am loyal, passionate, and sometimes a pain in their ass.

One question I get asked a lot is how I got into Real Estate. I got my license on a whim while working a comfortable 9-5 job for a Bay Area company. 6 months after getting my real estate license, I got laid off with 200 other people and decided to pursue entrepreneurship and launch my real estate business “Real Estate with Tazz”. It’s a family business ran by myself plus my team which includes my brother Neil as my cinematographer and his girlfriend Sidney who is my graphic designer/marketing expert.

Real Estate with Tazz... a national brand on social media due to the content and use of technology. . I think it’s important clients have a transparent agent who embraces technology because it allows me to communicate with them better, showcase their homes, and educate them through the real estate process. When you do business with me, you become a part of my real estate family and since my family is a part of this brand, I will treat you like I treat the people I love.
The reason I am so adamant about the attention to detail in my clients’ experience is because I remember when I bought my first home in 2014. I was a first time homebuyer with zero clue on how to buy a home. My realtor stepped up and guided me EVERY step of the way. I never felt out of the loop or unaware of what was going on. She educated me, she encouraged me, and she did everything for me so all I had to do was pick the house I wanted and sign for it at closing. My one home buying experience with a realtor was AMAZING that that’s why I strive for the same for my clients.

Melissa Parkvold

Real Estate Agent
Melissa Parkvold is a licensed Realtor with expertise in new construction in the Treasure Valley. Together with her partner Trever Currie, she helps design and build townhome developments in the growing market. Although she was born in Canada, she has called Boise, ID home for most of her life. When she's not helping clients buy or sell, she can be found camping in the mountains, surfing at Lucky Peak Reservoir, sharing delicious, local food with loved ones, or travelling- although if you ask her, Boise is her favorite place to be.

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