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How to Increase the Selling Value of Your Home

Selling your home can be instrumental in building wealth. And if it is your purpose for selling your house, then you want the best value for it. You will want to do it for an amount that will add some profit to your initial investment.

But flipping a house requires more than just placing the house on sale and hoping for the best. If you want a quick sale that makes you profit, you'll want to boost the value of your home. Doing that appreciates the value of the property. You are likely to get more money out of the sale than when you don't boost the value of your home. And the good thing is that there are low-cost fix tactics to get the work done.

Boosting the value of your home increases confidence when pitching to potential buyers or realtors during a house tour. You are certain that the house is worth more than you bought it for. Besides, it will be easier to convince buyers that the home is great for them, and they will be willing to pay above-market prices to not miss out on the deal. 


How do you Increase the Selling Value of your Home?

Boosting your home's value is a long and tedious process. But in the end, all that effort pays off. Are you curious about how you can increase your home's value before a sale? Well, here's how.



Improving the Aesthetic Appeal

Nobody wants to buy the old and unappealing house down the street. But the new shiny masterpiece with beautiful décor and green lawns? Well, everybody. You'll even find your neighbors asking you if the house is on sale.

When making a house sale, you want to improve the house's aesthetic appeal as much as you can. You can opt for DIY home improvements tactics such as cutting grass on your lawns, cleaning the exterior and interior, re-painting the whole house, renovating and remodeling old areas in your home and fixing all broken amenities.

When doing these home improvements, you should begin with the interior. This is called home staging. It means remodeling and renovating the living room, kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms. You should update the features such as the floors, countertops, cabinets, and sinks in all these areas to make the interior more appealing. In doing so, you are increasing your home value, and you are likely to fetch up to 78% more than the initial buying price.

Another integral part of improving the aesthetic value of your home is by painting both the interior and exterior. A freshly painted home is likely to sell much faster than a home with old chipped-off paint. But not just any paint color will suffice. It is advisable to go for warm and neutral colors such as greige (gray and beige), white, and blue. Additionally, paint each room with a color that fits the setting rather than using a single color. That way, the house will stand out to potential buyers, and you are likely to make a faster sale.


Installing Energy Saving Features

Selling in real estate relies heavily on putting your best foot forward. One way of doing that is by installing energy-saving features in the home. In doing so, you are likely to fetch over 50% more money when you sell your home.

Some energy-saving features you can install include wall insulation, solar panels, energy-saving appliances and lighting, and eco-friendly doors and windows. Doing these installations might cost you a pretty penny, but the rewards will be worthwhile. 


Increasing the Home Size

The grander the house, the grander the sale. So, adding more space to your home means making more money when you flip the house. And this can be achieved by simply wrecking a few walls around the home and adding some square feet to make those areas larger.

You can begin by identifying squeezed-up areas in the house, such as the master bathroom, kitchen, bathrooms, or living area. After identifying them, you can then focus on remodeling them into more spacious areas. Remember, you need to keep your costs low. Therefore, it is best to go for low-cost fixes. However, you need to ensure that all improvements are fully functional and of good quality. 





Improving Safety and Security Features

Safety and security are important for everyone. Nobody wants to buy a house in an unsafe neighborhood or a house without security features. And maximizing that can help increase the selling value of your home.

Smart home safety and security technology gadgets are affordable and easy to access and install these days. So why not go for them? Before listing your home, install smart devices such as cameras, locks, fire and smoke detectors, thermostats, and lighting systems. Home with such smart devices sells for more, meaning more profits for you. 


How Long Does It Take to Fix a Home?

How much are you willing to spend on the upgrades? Generally, the amount of time you need to fix a home before a sale depends on your budget. If you have the right budget, you can patch up the house in one or two months. After all, all you need to do is get some experts who will handle the job for you.

But on a limited budget, you might have to handle most of these tasks yourself. And DIY home improvement is a slow and painful process. However, it would be best if you went for it because it is worth it. After the hard work, you'll eventually flip the house for a sizable chunk of money.

Selling in real estate is a skill that requires careful planning and tactic execution. Increasing home value through home repairs and improvements is one way of doing it. It means optimizing your home's aesthetic and functional value so that it appeals to buyers. And knowing how to do it effectively help you make more profits from a sale.

Are you selling your home in Treasure Valley and other areas in Boise? Improving your home value is a great way to ensure that you sell the house faster and profit from it. 

For more tips on increasing the value of your home, check our video below...



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