Retiring in Boise - Is It Worth It?

As the western United States grows in popularity, cities in Idaho offer retirees terrific ways to live well, pay lower taxes than most areas in the nation, and enjoy life to the fullest. To help you keep your retirement plans on track, I will give you an idea of why retiring in Boise is an excellent choice.


You Can Stay Active

Whether you are interested in buying a new house or are planning to downsize to an apartment, you will find many activities for 55 plus folks in and around the Capital of Idaho. There are parks, hiking and trekking paths, bicycling paths galore with plenty of chances to get out and stretch your legs. Additionally, Boise is noted as a walking-friendly city. If you love to get out and take care of errands via bicycle or on foot, the City of Trees is an excellent choice.

While this city is the largest in Idaho, it is important to note that it has a strong feeling of neighborhoods and community. Of course, there is a morning rush when the roads are a bit clogged, and the route reverses when those who are still working head for home. However, you have the chance to choose when you will make your commute. Or you can select a home within walking distance of what you need and skip the traffic altogether!

If you enjoy community engagement, you can also track the activities offered by Parks and Recreation in Boise. That will give you the chance to volunteer to tend plants, do a little cleanup, or teach a skill.


You Can Get Great Health Care

Thanks to the outdoor lifestyle of the region, there is terrific access to emergency care in the Treasure Valley. There is also tremendous access to healthcare for seniors, from pharmacies close to home to assisted living in Boise where you can get rehab care and return to your home as soon as possible.

The activities for seniors in Boise are available in nearly every corner of the city. If you like to hike and trek, look for housing in northwest Boise. If you prefer to visit a gym, you can find plenty of options near the university. Taking care of your fitness level is one of the best ways to guarantee a healthy, productive environment. The Capital City can help you stay healthy and get you back on your feet after an illness.




You Can Get Rehab Care and Long Term Care Services

Access to healthcare for seniors in Boise includes:

  • Assisted Living Facilities
  • Memory Care Facilities
  • 55+ Communities

If you think you will require some assistance in the near future, you can secure a residence or apartment that will give you options for placement in a skilled facility. Your quality of life can be simpler with the stress of housing worries off your mind.

There are many options for assisted living, memory care, and 55+ communities in Boise and the surrounding areas that would be ideal options.


Your Tax Burden Will Be Lower

When considering real estate investments up to and including buying a new house, you will need to know your budget before you get too far into the buying process. For those who receive social security, be aware that those benefits will not be taxed. Additionally, your property taxes will be lower than in surrounding states.

Finally, your day-to-day purchases in Idaho will not be excessively taxed. There is no tax on prescription drugs in Idaho. You can also get a grocery credit, which is applicable no matter your income.


Dig Deep in Idaho Soil and Build a Great Retirement

Retirement is truly just the next chapter of your life. For those who love the great outdoors, Idaho is the place to be. The state capital—Boise— is also a terrific place to settle if you love to learn. Finally, the tech boom taking over the Treasure Valley means that you can find new ways to learn and even consider another career. If you're preparing for retirement in your own way, I can help!




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