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6 Simple Upgrades to Skyrocket the Value of Your Home

When selling your home, there are several elements you might want to upgrade to maximize the value. In the competitive real estate market, strategic upgrades mean a higher home value. Aesthetics are everything when it comes to selling real estate.

Usually, buyers desire to move into a seemingly new home. In the as-is state, your house could be devoid of the much-needed inviting appeal. Additionally, buyers would rather avoid the hefty costs that come with refurbishing a home.

Critical upgrades and inexpensive renovations give your property the brand-new look and feel without breaking the bank. Making necessary updates to your property goes a long way in attracting (and closing) prospective buyers.

Even so, not all upgrades are created equal and there is a fine line between upgrading something that will add value to the home and upgrading something that will look nice, but not make much of an impact on the value.

Below are simple upgrades to improve your property value.

1. Paint the Interior and Exterior Walls

Painting, to a great extent, impacts the overall attractiveness and vibrancy of your house. The first thing a potential buyer sees is the exterior of your home. Therefore, it’s worth ensuring that the walls are in the best shape, both inside and out.

A fresh coat of paint creates a stark difference on dull, dated, or dingy walls. For the utmost maximization of your home value, work with neutral colors. Bold and extra-vibrant hues may have your property standing out, but for the wrong reasons. Go simple and understated.

Unless you are already experienced as a painter, your best bet is to hire this out to a professional.

Your real estate agent is vital when it comes to choosing an appealing paint color. They are in and out of hundreds of home each week and will be able to give you advice on which colors and shades are current.

2. Deep Clean Your Carpet

Often, the carpet is among the most overlooked elements when selling real estate. However, for the buyers, it’s a critical selling point. No one wants to move into a home with dirty or stained carpets.

In most cases, a good deep clean will do the trick. This cleaning method delves deep into the fibers, eliminating even the smallest dust particles and stains. Deep cleaning mainly extracts material that a simple vacuuming can’t remove.

Deep cleaning assures you of a stainless and completely odor-free carpet.

In some cases, a deep clean won’t be enough. Particularly if you have small children or pets and have been in the home for a while. If you have to replace it, again, go with neutral colors and shades. Keep it simple.



3. Light Landscaping

There’s no better way to improve your property’s marketability than enhancing the landscaping. The landscape is crucial when it comes to establishing your home’s curb appeal. It’s best if your yard is structurally appealing and welcoming.

Primarily, potential buyers use the landscape as a primary determiner of their offer. It’s a case of judging a book by its cover. Therefore, it’s up to you to put your best foot forward in enhancing the overall outlook.

Overgrown shrubs and patch grass are ultimate turn-offs. Make sure the existing lawns and bushes are well-manicured. Where you have a dull walkway or yard, add bright flowers to accentuate warmth and beauty. A power wash of the sidewalks may be in order.

You could distinctly emphasize on a particular spot, especially where a visitor sees first. If you have additional room, incorporate fresh straws, mulch, or lanterns on the walkway. Consult with a professional landscaper to explore more methods of spicing up your property’s exterior.

There are lots of options here that are very cost effective and really enhance the aesthetic for not much money.

4. Upgrade Fixtures

Home fixtures are the most basic but often ignored property upgrades. Unbeknownst to most sellers, it’s the little unique features that attract home buyers.

Lighting is a primary element when selling your home. However, don’t just settle for the boring, old-fashioned lampshades and hanging lights.

Advanced lighting systems bear a massive impact on your home’s value. They include chandeliers, dimmer switches, and stunning skylights. Most importantly, go for energy-efficient lighting alternatives.

Upgraded doors and windows are not only stylish but also come with immense energy efficiency. Additionally, new doors result in reduced household running costs, hence attracting more buyers.

Replacing the hardware on kitchen and bathroom cabinets make a huge difference and cost very little.

With the onset of technology, smart homes are now the in-thing. Smart home devices include smart thermostats, lighting, security cameras, and smoke detectors. Seek insight from a Boise realtor on updated fixtures that will have your property ranking top.

5. Create Space

Without a doubt, the square footage holds a substantial effect on the home value. Bigger houses demand a higher property value.

Creating space is a trend that’s on the rise for the Boise real estate market. Over the past few years, homebuyers incline more to houses with lots of free space.

Adding a room is the most obvious way of building more space. Decluttering is a more efficient way of leaving more room.

Rearrange the furniture to establish a minimalist look, and take out the bulky furniture. If arranging the furniture is a problem for you, consult an expert home stager. Upon decluttering, clients can picture themselves within that space more distinctly. Some rooms can be “split” into two distinct areas, giving the home a larger feel.

6. Remodel the Kitchen

Ask any Boise real estate professional about top-tier upgrades, and the answer will be the kitchen. The kitchen is among the naturally communal parts of any home. Therefore, buyers require an operational workspace, with quality lighting, taps, and countertops.

You could revamp existing cabinets by sanding and adding some paint. For the surfaces, incorporate top-quality stones including, granite, marble, or quartz. Neutral color themes also go well with refurbished, modern kitchens.

For major renovations, consider embracing the open-concept kitchen layout. Moreover, you could combine your kitchen and the dining room. Ensure a strategic position for the kitchen island and leave enough space for the walkways.

While refurbishing the kitchen, don’t forget to upgrade the kitchen appliances. Appliances made of stainless steel are exceptionally durable and highly efficient. Also, work with a similar metallic theme for your light switches.

Not all of these ideas will apply to every home, but you can use what will to greatly enhance the value of your home without spending lots of money. And you may make that money back and more with the right buyer!

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